UFO study group created by US Military to finally find some extra-terrestrials

Despite humanity's failure to create peace between different races, the urge to find life amongst the stars has never disappeared. Despite decades of UFO conspiracies like Roswell and Coyame, there's never been definitive proof of alien life. Nevertheless, the United States military is still interested in extra-terrestrial life to the point of founding a UFO study group,

What is the United States’ UFO study group?

After the recent release of the Pentagon’s most confusing UFO videos, the Department of Defense is opening a new UFO study group. Titled the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, this collective will properly research unidentified flying objects.

Announced in a press release, AOIMSG aims to “detect, identify and attribute objects of interests” that cross over into military boundaries. However, these studies only relate to Airborne targets, not USOs — unidentified submerged objects.

AOIMSG will take over from the military’s previously established UAPT — Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. While the UAPT was dedicated to researching dangerous objects, the AOIMSG will study all objects.

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What about them Aliens though?

When people hear about unidentified flying objects, minds usually point towards extra-terrestrials. Unfortunately, while extra-terrestrial UFO crafts would count of they entered military space, alien spaceships are not expected to be discovered.

Instead, this group will be determining whether or not military captured UFO footage is genuine or not. This means that the study group will deduct if on-camera objects are tangible items or video artefacts.

Additionally, if an object is deemed to be tangible, then the AOIMSG will research what that object can be. Of course, most objects found in military videos are never discovered, but they're expected to be foreign drone tests.

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