NASA head believes recent UFOs could be alien in origin

The wish to meet other races from amongst the cosmos is a wish as old as human intelligence. Despite infamous extra-terrestrial “events” such as Roswell and Coyame, there’s no concrete proof that life beyond the stars exists. However, NASA head Bill Nelson believes recent evidence could be alien in origin.

NASA head Bill Nelson discuses alien evidence

During a recent appearance at the University of Virginia, Nelson discussed recently released UFO footage. Released by The Pentagon earlier this year, the footage showed multiple military sightings of unidentified flying objects.

While not explicitly extra-terrestrial in origin, the videos were unexplainable by the U.S. Military. A government source said the government “absolutely do believe what we’re seeing are not simply sensor artifacts. These are things that physically exist.”

During his speech, Nelson expressed a similar notion towards the UFO footage. He said:

“I’ve talked to those pilots, and they know they saw something, and their radars locked on to it. And they don’t know what is. And we don’t know what it is. We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has that kind of technology.”

Nelson continued to explain that discovering life outside of Earth is still one of NASA’s primary missions:

“This is a mission that we’re constantly looking [at], ‘Who is out there?’ Who are we?’ How did we get here? How did we become as we are? How did we develop? How did we civilize? And are those same conditions out there in a universe that has billions of other suns and billions of other galaxies?’ It’s so large I can’t conceive it.”

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Does Bill Nelson believe in Aliens?

During his speech, Nelson never confirms or denies his belief in alien life. However, the NASA boss does explain that there’s no evidence that Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. With theorised other unexplored universes out there, it seems unlikely that Earth is the only source of life.

“Now there are even theories that there might be other universes,” Nelson explained. “And if that’s the case, who am I to say planet Earth is the only location of a life form that is civilized and organized like ours?”

With stronger telescopes, like the unfortunately named James Webb Telescope, going into commission this year, then we’ll begin to get an even greater look at the stars beyond. Maybe, one day, there’ll be a sign of something else out there. On the other hand, if something is out there, maybe it’s hiding from us.

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