Ubisoft registers domains for a new Might & Magic video game

ubisoft new might magic game
Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft seems to be going hard on licensed IP recently, releasing an Avatar game, working on a Star Wars game, and now registering a Might & Magic game. It will be interesting to see what the company does since there are already a ton of M & M games available.

Twitter user Kurakasis spotted new domain names that were registered by Ubisoft, teasing that this new game might be Might & Magic: Fates. This lines up with rumours that Ubisoft Shanghai was hiring for a new AAA game set in this universe, so fans should expect something soon.

While this won’t be the first Might & Magic game we’ve seen, Ubisoft’s reputation for making open-world games does make us think this will also be one. That won’t surprise anyone since the company did that for Avatar and is doing it for Star Wars Outlaws.

Gamers will remember how the Might & Magic gaming license was purchased by Ubisoft back in 2003 after it originally belonged to 3DO. The most recent game released under this series was Might & Magic X: Legacy, which got decent scores but wasn’t anything outstanding.

Hopefully, the more fantasy-like setting that comes with this franchise brings some life to the game, since Ubisoft titles have become a bit mundane. Now, that’s not to say they make bad games, but they’ve started feeling a bit too mechanical, especially in some of their open-world titles.

Most people agreed that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora just feels like a Ubisoft game but with the blue Na’vi instead. While there hasn’t been any gameplay yet, we can assume that the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws will be similar to Assassin’s Creed or the Rainbow Six title. Let’s just hope that Ubisoft pulls off something unique with this Might & Magic game, whatever it ends up playing like.

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No release date for Might & Magic: Fates has been announced, though fans should expect a release window shortly.

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