Twitch on Switch no more, Amazon removes app

twitch unavailable on nintendo switch
Credit: Twitch/Nintendo/Pokimane

twitch unavailable on nintendo switch
Credit: Twitch/Nintendo/Pokimane

Those with a Switch will soon lose access to Twitch, as a new mandate will be removing the app from Nintendo’s hybrid console. Fans will no longer be able to download the Twitch app in a few days and those who have the app now won’t have it for long.

According to the Twitch website, the app will be removed from the Nintendo eShop on November 6. Nintendo Switch users who still have the app on their system can still use it, but only until January 31, when support for the hybrid console will stop.

Currently, no reason was given as to why this mandate is taking place, though it likely has something to do with Amazon's policies. Either way, this is yet another service that won’t be available to Switch owners, which is pretty disappointing.

“We will be ending support for the Twitch App on Nintendo Switch. Starting November 6th 2023, new users will no longer be able to download the Twitch app in the Nintendo eShop. Existing users will lose access to the Twitch App on Nintendo Switch starting January 31, 2024,” reads the statement.

Believe it or not, the Nintendo Switch does have a decent amount of media apps. Players can watch anime from Crunchyroll or various videos on YouTube through their Switch. Oddly enough, the system isn’t home to Netflix, even though the streaming service previously appeared on 3DS and Wii U.

Right now, it seems that Twitch is still safe on other consoles, so those who stream it via PlayStation or Xbox systems should be just fine. Also, the app is easily accessible on most computers and phones. Still, this is an odd removal, and we are left wondering why Amazon decided to stop supporting the Switch this year.

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Various reports have claimed that the Switch is in its twilight years, with rumours of the Switch 2 making their way around the net. Unsurprisingly, this will be a much more powerful system than its predecessor, reportedly with no issue. We will update the news if Amazon will comment on the removal, in the meantime do enjoy your Twitch on Switch, while it lasts.

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