Twitch stream ads are now less terrible after massive backlash

There's nothing worse than an advert during a livestream. There's nothing worse than being invested in a moment only for that moment to be ripped away from you and replaced with Mountain Dew. Thankfully, livestream website Twitch is listening to feedback that its ads were a steaming pile of dung.

Twitch makes ads less horrendous

Users of the livestreaming service were met with a new form of ads that interrupted streams. Now, after much feedback, the website is now changing ads to become less intrusive than get were before.

Advertisements will now pop up on their own accord by resizing the livestream and fitting around them. One banner makes the stream slightly smaller to show a small advertisement below. The bigger ad option surrounds the bottom and left side of the stream.

The new ads will occur an unspecified amount of times. However, they do state that there won't be more than eight adverts per hour. Furthermore, each advertisement will last around 10 seconds or so.

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Best of all, the move away from video ads isn't changing creator revenue. At least for this year, Twitch will pay creators the exact same amount of money for these new ads. However, as advertisers typically pay less for banner ads, revenue might change in the future.

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Why are they doing this?

Twitch is changing up its advertising again after massive backlash surrounding the introduction of mid-roll ads. The new advertising method is designed to make sure that streams are not constantly interrupted.

The company said:

“Ads are important to Twitch, and to our community. We’ve heard the feedback that ads are too interruptive, and we want creators to have the opportunity to earn additional income via advertising while building their communities, without the interruption that comes with standard video ads.”

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