This Twin Peaks PS1 game is a damn fine cup of low-poly coffee

Dale Cooper’s iconic thumbs up on top of an image of the Twin Peaks PS1 game

Dale Cooper’s iconic thumbs up on top of an image of the Twin Peaks PS1 game

David Lynch’s beautiful TV masterpiece Twin Peaks has been remade in the form of a PS1-style survival horror game. Created by Blue Rose Team, the Twin Peaks PS1 game is a stunning recreation of the original series.

Called Twin Peaks: Into the Night, the fan project appears to adapt the series’ first season in the PSOne’s low-poly glory. Releasing next week on August 15th, the fan game is the perfect homage to the David Lynch and Mark Frost classic.

Revealed in a new YouTube trailer for the game, the upcoming demo lets you explore the titular town of Twin Peaks from the start of Dale Cooper’s story. In the trailer, you can see Cooper’s iconic entry into the titular town, Laura Palmer dead and wrapped in plastic, and even scenes inside The Black Lodge.

Created by a duo of French game developers, Lucas Gilbert and Jean Mzoni, Twin Peaks: Into the Night is described as an homage to classic PlayStation games such as Silent Hill. In fact, the game’s intro even has a Silent Hill-style warning as well as a very similar inventory screen.

Unfortunately, the Twin Peaks PS1 project doesn’t actually run on the original PlayStation. Instead, the game is designed for PC hardware, running on the Unity engine. However, it does accurately recreate the style of PSX games, all the way down to the beautifully archaic texture warble.

Twin Peaks has been a huge influence on the video game industry, but the series has rarely been adapted. While the series inspired games such as Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition, it’s only been put in video game form once: Twin Peaks VR.

While not an official game, Blue Rose Team’s PS1-style remake looks like the perfect adaptation of the 80s classic. Let’s just hope that we get to see a low-poly Josie Packard turn into a doorknob.

If you want to give Twin Peaks: Into the Night a go, you’ll be able to download it here in five days time.

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