MemCard Pro2 brings PS1, PS2 consoles into the modern era

The MemCard Pro2 PS2 and PS1 memory card next to Ratchet and Clank

The MemCard Pro2 PS2 and PS1 memory card next to Ratchet and Clank

Your aging PlayStation and PlayStation 2 may still work perfectly fine, but your cheap third-party memory cards may not hold up so well. With this in mind, 8BitMods’ all-new MemCard Pro 2 is a modern memory card that evades the mistakes of the early 2000s.

Revealed on Twitter, we’re not calling it “X”, 8BitMods showed off the new PlayStation memory card for fans of the retro console. Just like the previous version of the company’s modern memory cards, these newfangled devices allow the use of microSD cards to make sure you never run out of space.

The original version of the MemCard Pro only supported the original PlayStation hardware. However, after two years of development, 8BitMods has finally made the new hardware usable on PlayStation 2 as well.

8BitMods’ devices create "virtual memory cards" on microSD cards, supporting sizes from 1GB to 1TB. Furthermore, each gigabyte of storage is equivalent to 8192 memory cards, so you’re never going to run out of save space for as long as you live. There’s even Wi-Fi support to FTP save files onto your memory card.

The MemCard PRO2 also supports mCboot, a softmod tool that lets you run PS2 games, emulators or homebrew natively from a USB drive or HDD. However, it doesn’t currently support native loading from the memory card, although that could come in the future.

8BitMods explained that the release of the MemCard PRO2 does not mean the discontinuation of the original product. In fact, more firmware updates and features are coming to the original, even though it cannot be used on the PlayStation 2 due to slower transfer speeds.

Another minor issue with the new memory card is that it will not work on PlayStation 3 via an adapter. This is because the PlayStation 3 adapter does not support the amount of power needed by the modern memory card.

The new PlayStation 2 memory card is available to pre-order here. However, the MemCard PRO2 doesn’t release until sometime in December 2023.

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