Thor's Valkyrie just had her real name revealed for the first time!

Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok was a mighty return for The God of Thunder. Taken away from Asgard, Odinson's adventure into the deeper Marvel universe was a lovely comedy romp. Almost as beloved as Thor, the movie introduced the character of Valkyrie.

A few years after that and the Marvel Comics are delving deeper into the Ragnarok character. In fact, The Mighty Valkyries comic book series is going straight into the character’s backstory, going so far as to reveal their birth name.

What is Valkyrie's real name?

In the first issue of The Mighty Valkyries, the birth name of the Thor Ragnarok character has finally been revealed. (Thanks for the hint, ScreenRant!) During the story, the character finds herself travelling to Perdita to get the V.I.P treatment at Oracle Adventures. She's looking for “The One" as part of her promise to her deceased siblings.

Guided by Juna, a personal guide to the character’s “authentic truth", she meets with the Oracle. Once she’s face to face with the Oracle she asks, “What is my name and why am I here?” In response, she is told that her name is Rūna. As soon as her name is said, she draws her axe and initiates a fight with The Oracle.

“And she realised she has missed it. Like a flawed old friend. She has missed being Rūna. Rūna the Valkyrie!”
Narrator, The Mighty Valkyries #1 - 2021
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Will Valkyrie have the same name in the MCU?

The version of Valkyrie in The Mighty Valkyries is based on the character in Thor: Ragnarok. However, the version in the comic book is further along in her journey. At this moment in the comics, Thor love interest Jane Foster is the leader of the Valkyries. Could that be the future of Jane in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder?

Anyways, the future of Valkyrie's identity in the MCU will depend on the writer. It’s highly possible that, eventually, the character will reveal her name to be Rūna just like on his comic. On the other hand, it's also possible they'll never name the movie version anything other than just Valkyrie.

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