The Last of Us Factions multiplayer spin-off isn’t going very well

the last of us factions multiplayer spin-off isnt going very well
Credit: Naughty Dog

the last of us factions multiplayer spin-off isnt going very well
Credit: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer game isn’t shaping up too well, even after years of delays. Despite so much time being dedicated to the game’s development, Naughty Dog might be cutting it quick.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed that the team working on this multiplayer spin-off has been significantly scaled down after reassessment. Whether this is for that rumoured third entry in the series or not hasn’t been made clear but it shows that things aren’t looking good.

On the company’s social media, Naughty Dog announced that this The Last of Us multiplayer game would be getting delayed again. While the game never received a solid release date, it seems whatever projections the team had at one point are gone.

Prior to the announcement, Naughty Dog had only given vague details about this multiplayer game and what it would be like. Aside from some official artwork, we never saw a glimpse of gameplay and it seems that we won’t for quite some time.

Delayed games are better than rushed ones, so choosing to work on this multiplayer The Last of Us might be a good idea. However, there have also been cases where delays just led to longer waiting and a bad game, as The Lord of the Rings: Gollum clearly shows.

We haven’t seen multiplayer in this franchise since the first game, which actually had a decent amount of fans and support. Although it wasn’t anything revolutionary, the mode did give fans a reason to play their PS3 and PS4 more, which is somewhat appreciated. The multiplayer mode didn’t come back with The Last of Us Part 1, due to this currently delayed project.

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Right now, it’s too early to say if this upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game is going to be bad but we’ll wait and see. There’s always a chance that Naughty Dog will push through by the end, even if it means crunching their developers.

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