Tesla AI will crush the human brain by 2033, still can’t drive

The artificial intelligence systems powering Tesla automobiles is highly trained. Despite its smarts, the Tesla AI constantly comes under fire for not being confused by the moon and slamming into children.

Nevertheless, sweeping improvements to Tesla AI are said to make the program far smarter. According to one study, it’ll even be smarter than a human. Yes, especially you.

Tesla AI vs Human Brain

Via TeslaRati, car and van leasing company, Vanarama performed a study on the AI’s processing power… For some reason. The analysts sought to discover when the AI would rival that of the human brain.

The study claimed that, on the current rate of advancement, Tesla is set to beat the human brain very soon. In 2033, just over a decade’s time, the chip running the electric cars should be smarter than the person buying it.

Tesla‘s Artificial Intelligence chips currently increase by capability over 480% a year. With this in mind, the chip should match or overtake the brain’s one quadrillion operations per second in 11 year’s time.

The study explained that Tesla‘a journey to match the human brain is already beating organic growth. Using the company’s D1 chip as a base, the company will match a mature human brain in just 17 years.

This means that Tesla’s technological advancement has matched the human brain quicker than it grows. A mature human brain takes around 25 years to form.

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Smart humanoid robots?

Of course, the Tesla AI software and hardware is used for more than just self-driving cars. The AI technology will also be used in the consumer robot Tesla Bot.

With Tesla Bot expected to perform a wide variety of human tasks in the future, it would need advanced onboard AI. Not just for everyday activities, but for recognising and interacting with humans.

With the advanced AI available from Tesla research, the robot is primed to be smarter than all of its competitors. However, the smart AI can only show its Intelligence though good hardware and software.

We expect to see a prototype of Tesla Bot sometime this month. However, there’s still no news on when the robot will release. After all, you can show a Cybertruck, that doesn’t mean it’ll ever release.

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