Tesla's ugly Cybertruck has been gracefully delayed until 2023 at least

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the future of automobiles looks like a far-away LoD in a PS3 game. That's the future Musk is pushing for with the Tesla Cybertruck, a truly ugly vehicle that won't, thankfully, won't be on roads for at least another year.

Why is Tesla Cybertruck delayed?

In the latest Tesla earnings call, CEO Elon Musk revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck won't be released in 2022. This isn't the only vehicle to be shifted from the 2022 production schedule; the Tesla Roadster has also been pushed out of 2022.

Musk claims that the double vehicle delay is due to production restrictions. The CEO explained that introducing new car models would result in lower overall output.  This is likely due to issue with battery production. He said:

“If we were to introduce new vehicles, our total vehicle output will decrease. [As such] we will not be introducing new vehicle models this year.”

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Will Tesla increase the price of Cybertruck?

Another reason behind the recent delay is due to the car’s pricing model. While still not cheap, Tesla planned to release the Cybertruck for an “affordable” starting price of $39,900. However, it looks like pricing may change before the vehicle’s eventual release. During the earnings call, Musk asked: “How do you make the Cybertruck affordable?”

The concept of a cheap and affordable Tesla vehicle is one that Musk has promised for years. However, it looks like would-be customers will have to wait even longer to get on board with the vehicle brand.

Musk shut down the idea of a cheaper model releasing in the next year. He said: ““We are not currently working on a $25,000 car. If the price of our cars do not change at all, we would still sell all that we can make.”

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Will people actually buy the car?

Outside of issues with producing the vehicle, it does look like there's some worry that the Cybertruck will be nothing more than a novelty. Just like everything Musk does, there's a very vocal minority that hypes up the ugly Tesla truck, but will it actually be popular?

Thankfully, the truck probably won't be popular enough to be an eyesore on every street. However, if the vehicle releases, it will probably have a few devout fans.

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