Nintendo Switch 2 digital-only model reportedly planned for 2024

switch 2 reportedly getting digital-only model
Credit: Nintendo

switch 2 reportedly getting digital-only model
Credit: Nintendo

Rumours of the Nintendo Switch 2 have been coming in hot, with many fans hoping that the successor improves upon everything from its predecessor. Aside from being a pricier upgrade, this new system will follow the current-gen trend of having an optional digital-only model.

Discord user and leaker SoldierDelta (via Wccftech) claims that there will be two different models for Nintendo’s next-gen system, taking a page from Sony and Microsoft. The ‘standard’ model, which will play physical and digital games, will cost $449.99, while the digital-only is priced at $400.

If true, this would be the first digital-only console that Nintendo has ever put out, even if it is just a cheaper alternative. Considering how many gamers there currently are in the Nintendo eShop, having a digital-only alternative makes a ton of sense, unfortunately.

Should the Switch 2 launch with the rumoured 512GB storage, that should be enough to handle most of the company’s library. Then again, with games like Final Fantasy VII Remake reportedly being available at launch, let’s hope that micro SD cards are still an option.

Considering how nervous an all-digital future is, we hope some of the more positive rumours about the next-gen console get confirmed. Backwards compatibility is something a lot of fans are hoping for, as games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are still amazing. Keeping the NSO service would also be great since it's home to so many classic Nintendo games.

Most Nintendo fans know that the company loves making revisions to their systems, with numerous Switch and 3DS models being made. Hilariously, the company once made a physical-only Wii model with no internet support, the complete opposite of this Switch 2 digital-only system.

Nintendo has been slightly more open about a successor to the Switch in recent times, though the company is still trying to be vague. It was recently stated that the original Switch would get support until 2025, implying that change is coming. With rumours of the Switch 2 getting a late 2024 release making the rounds, that statement is making a lot of sense.

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Expect a fancy presentation surrounding the Switch 2 once Nintendo has everything planned. Until then, we have games like the Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door remaster to look forward to.

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