Street Fighter 6 continues proud tradition of punching inanimate objects and its glorious

street fighter 6 continues proud tradition of punching inanimate objects
Credit: Capcom

street fighter 6 continues proud tradition of punching inanimate objects
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 continues the series’ proud tradition of beating up inanimate objects but the latest installment goes further; making these items fight back.

Since the iconic Street Fighter 2, the series’ main single-player tournaments have incorporated battles against cars, challenging you to combo them into scrap. In Street Fighter 6, these objects are no longer content with simply being wailed on.

Found within the game’s World Tour mode, players will compete in a ton of crazy objectives, and it looks fun as hell. Revealed in the recent Street Fighter 6 Showcase, there is a multitude of whacky modes for players to engage in.

Kotaku highlighted the fact that players will be able to fight refrigerators during the World Tour mode and they’re not just taking it. Instead of receiving damage without a fight, the objects now throw a variety of items at you and it's up to your custom avatar to reflect them back via parrying before delivering the killing blow.

If refrigerators and robots aren’t enough for players, Street Fighter 6 launches with Arcade Mode with more objects to beat up. As fans can see in the post below, pretty lady Cammy has to fight a massive truck in her Arcade ladder.

We expect more vehicles for these iconic fighters to beat up, which looks like a fun time waster after going through some tough AI foes.

Beyond refrigerators, the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode also has players fighting a number of NPCs and various robots.

While most of the NPCs look like created avatars, there are also some unique characters that are part of the story.

Hopefully, these new characters end up being playable in the base game, though everyone we’ve seen thus far looks fun to use.

Overall, it looks like this entry in the legendary franchise is bringing back some of the wacky fun that was badly missing in Street Fighter 5.

Granted, Street Fighter 5 eventually became a good game after adding DLC characters and new modes but it's clear that Street Fighter 6 is learning from its predecessor's mistakes.

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Street Fighter 6 is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on June 2, 2023.

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