Here's why Kimberly has a weird walk cycle in Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 is being praised as a great fighting game, and it's not even out yet. Nevertheless, fans already have their qualms, praising the vibrant hip-hop-style energy are appreciated, but criticising some artistic decisions, such as the weird walk cycle of newcomer Kimberly.

In the upcoming fighting game, Kimberly daintily skips across the battlefield, almost as if she’s a Disney Princess walking on a flower field. This didn’t receive a lot of criticism since the game has been consistently getting positive reactions, but fans have noticed it.

A fan on Reddit has since uncovered the reason for this odd walk cycle, pointing out how it's similar to a gymnast or cheerleader. Kimberly’s move-set in Street Fighter 6 has a decent mix of gymnastics and ninjitsu, making her one of the more unique characters in the game, thus far.

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Fans on the forum also point out that sports like track and field or ballet are also a huge influence on her fighting. The ballet influence seems likely since her Tatsumaki (Hurricane Kick) does look more graceful than Ryu or Ken’s.

Despite walking in a weird way, Kimberly has proven to be a fun character in the game, with many enjoying her playstyle during the recent Open Beta. Her high kicks and teleportation skills help her stand out from the usual Street Fighter crowd, though the same can be said for most of the cast.

While it did get better, Street Fighter 5 was criticized for playing it too safe at launch, with improvements coming via free updates and DLC. It seems that the developers have learned from that, with Street Fighter 6 changing up the visual style and moving to a post-Street Fighter 3 timeline.

Currently, Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have a proper release date, though it is coming out on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series next year. There are a number of Street Fighters titles readily available now, including Street Fighter 5, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

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