Geoff Keighley teases Steam Deck news for The Game Awards

steam deck news the game awards
Credit: Geoff Keighley/Valve

steam deck news the game awards
Credit: Geoff Keighley/Valve

The Steam Deck continues to grow in popularity, proving to be a great alternative to Nintendo’s Switch, especially now that it has an OLED version. Any news about the system is good, which is why Geoff Keighley teasing something about Valve’s handheld for The Game Awards is very interesting.

On Twitter, Keighley was hyping up the show as usual, before mysteriously pointing out how anyone looking for news on Steam Decks should “stay tuned.” Considering how we already have a Steam Deck OLED, this announcement has many fans curious as to what it can be.

Fans on Twitter think Keighley is likely bringing up a possible sale on the system, possibly during The Game Awards. Some fans are hoping this means some kind of Steam sale during the show, but we doubt that since a Game Awards sale is already happening.

A small number of fans probably think this means a new model for the Steam Deck, though an official sequel won’t be likely. However, there was some chatter about different colored Decks due to the system’s success, which would be an interesting possibility.

Whatever the case, it looks like Deck owners will be watching The Game Awards for some fun news. Granted, most gamers will be watching the show anyway since there should be plenty of interesting game announcements. Let’s just hope that the news regarding Steam Decks will be fun for everyone involved, given how much of a success this system is.

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Even if the Nintendo Switch is a more popular system, there’s no doubt that the Deck is in a league of its own. Valve has said that the system has sold millions and we might believe them, given the growing fanbase who love it. There will also likely be a Steam Deck 2 in a few years, which will be even more powerful now than the current system, which is already pretty great.

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