Steam Deck owners share their favorite 'unsupported' games that work

steam deck favorite unsupported games
Credit: Insomniac Games

The weird thing about being a Steam Deck owner is realizing that some games labeled as “unsupported” can run pretty well. With that in mind, some fans have decided to name their favorite “unsupported” games on Valve’s handheld and laughing at how a good number of them are quite playable.

On the Steam Deck subreddit, fans started discussing their favorite “unsupported” games on Valve’s handheld, with the first poster revealing his was The Witcher 2. Fans shared that they love playing Sunset Overdrive, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, and more on this powerhouse machine.

Unconventional choices put in the thread include World of Warcraft, which isn’t available on Steam and has to be played through Blizzard’s app. Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time was also mentioned, though these games can be played on Deck through less-than-legal means.

Regardless of legalities, this goes on to show how much gamers don’t care about that “unsupported” label. Users who have gotten used to the hardware have researched ways to make these games work on handheld, like downloading additional files or custom proton. It’s less of a warning and more of an obstacle for players to go through, though certain games just don’t work no matter what.

While the Steam Deck is a wonderful way to play various triple-A games, the system has also been used as a massive indie machine. Games like Sea of Stars, Hades, and Dead Cells just play wonderfully on this machine, plus they don’t take up too much space. Most indie games will likely get the “verified” or “playable” status, though even a rare one with “unsupported” won’t stop players.

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Those curious about this powerhouse machine can purchase the Steam Deck or the Steam Deck OLED now. Gamers can purchase this on an official game store or even through Steam itself, depending on where you reside.

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