Starfield players want enemies to board their spaceships and ruin their lives

starfield players want enemies to board their spaceships

starfield players want enemies to board their spaceships

Starfield has fans excited for the near-limitless possibilities that come with exploring space. Players are hoping some of those possibilities include having their ship boarded by pirates and fighting for their lives.

A post from the Starfield subreddit boldly hoped that enemies can board their ship. It was confirmed early on that players could board other spaceships so they want enemies to do the same.

Motives seem to differ from player to player. The main post wants to trick pirates into boarding their ship so the user’s crew can kill them and steal their vessel. Others just want an interesting challenge while floating in space.

“I really hope the enemies can disable and board my ship also. I want to fly a cheap ship fit for a level 5 to 10. Find some pirates flying some fancy expensive ship that I couldn't beat in space with my little ship. Wait for them to board, and me and my level 20+ crew kill them all. Take the nice new pirate ship to town. Sell it. Rinse and repeat. Don't even have to pay to have it repaired,” says CudaNew.

“If not in the base game, I guarantee someone will make a mod to do that,” hoped pyromonkey1818.

“Let you turn that on or off at least. That sounds annoying as sh*t when you are trying to go somewhere,” pitches Iwantsomefancykoko.

Getting your ship raided will also make the roleplaying in this RPG much more immersive. Fans going into the game as Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly or Zapp Brannigan from Futurama would have a field day.

Even without active space raiders, fans are pretty excited to get their hands on Starfield. Players can’t wait to strap on a jetpack and moe down some enemies. Others are also planning to skip work just to play the game early.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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