Only Todd Howard is allowed to talk about Starfield before release

Todd Howard on a background of Skyrim pets

Todd Howard on a background of Skyrim pets

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield is one of the biggest games of 2023, but information about the game is still being closely guarded just months away from launch. As it turns out, only one developer working on the game is allowed to talk publicly about it: Game Director Todd Howard.

Revealed by Starfield Studio Design Director Emil Pagliarulo revealed that Todd Howard is allowed to discuss the game outside of PR managers.

Since the game’s reveal, Pagliarulo has received countless questions by fans on social media begging for information. After an age of being met with question after question, the Bethesda developer explained that he isn’t authorised to discuss any unconfirmed details until release.

“I know this isn't what any Starfield fan wants to hear from me, but I feel like I need to make this clear: no one other than Todd Howard himself is authorized to talk publicly about unreleased game info,” the Starfield dev told fans. “That's the job of of our PR/marketing/community folks.”

While the developer explained that he is humbled by the sheer Starfield hype there is, he is unable to discuss “99%” of questions thrown his way. Especially with the types of questions fans keep asking.

“I can't share my opinions on game content; I can't talk about performance; I can't discuss... well, most things,” they said. “I signed an NDA. I'm a professional. I don't want to get fired. But your support is EVERYTHING to us. You fill my heart - every day. Best. Fans. EVER.”

Pagliarulo explained that he hasn’t been told off by Bethesda higher-ups for discussing anything about the game, but he’s instead being proactive. With Starfield just weeks away at this point, fans should just wait to play the game for themselves, or watch someone play it.

Starfield’s hype has caused countless fans to ask for myriad features, including a 60fps performance mode on Xbox Series consoles. Other wanted features are a deep pets system, the ability to blast enemies out the airlock and roleplay as Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan.

Whatever the case, Starfield is looking to be a brilliant sci-fi RPG, and an integral Xbox exclusive. The game launches on Xbox Series consoles and PC on September 6th, or September 1st for Deluxe Edition owners.

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