Starfield petition begs Bethesda to make it a PlayStation exclusive

starfield petition begs bethesda to make it a playstation exclusive they wont
Credit: Bethesda

starfield petition begs bethesda to make it a playstation exclusive they wont
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is only coming to Xbox Series and PC but fans are petitioning it to become a PS5 exclusive. It’s never going to happen, as Microsoft has poured too much money into this studio, but these fans really want it.

Benjamin Dickey, the host of this petition on, claims that this “matters” and feels that it would be better on Sony’s system. While this could be an elaborate troll job, the fact that he brings up some of Xbox’s failures makes us think that isn’t the case. They also bring up how this exclusive could lead to future Bethesda games costing more if released on other consoles.

“When a major game like Starfield is only available on Xbox, it limits the player count of the game and stifles the amount of players PlayStation has,” Dickey says. “This means that now Microsoft can charge higher prices because they dont have competition and take away players from Sony. We CANNOT allow this.”

Honestly, reading the petition, it does feel like an elaborate joke meant to troll PlayStation and Xbox players. Unfortunately, jokes aren’t always easy to understand, as there are 970 signatures at the time of writing. Needless to say, PlayStation users won’t be getting this RPG unless a major deal happens between the companies.

To be fair, Microsoft has been more willing to share its exclusives with other companies. Nintendo Switch is home to games like the Ori duology and Cuphead. PlayStation is also home to Xbox Studios games like Cuphead and Psychonauts 2.

Xbox does kind of need Starfield to do well after the company’s recent failure with Redfall. To be fair, Bethesda’s space RPG does look like an incredible adventure, with endless sci-fi-based possibilities. There’s some small controversy about it being stuck at 30 FPS but that’s pretty good for Bethesda.

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Starfield will be coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 26.

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