Starfield NPCs walking speed is the most infuriating part of Bethesda's RPG

starfield npc walking speed is infuriating players
Credit: Bethesda

starfield npc walking speed is infuriating players
Credit: Bethesda

When fans talk about traversing in Starfield, it’s usually with the game’s spaceship, traveling through the stars. However, one method of traversal in Bethesda’s new RPG has already started to infuriate fans: walking.

A user going by GreyGoldFish posted on the game’s subreddit about how annoying the walking speed is, specifically when with NPCs. Fans hate how NPCs walk slowly but are just as angry over the player having even slower walking animations.

Players can run in Starfield but that doesn’t change anything with the AI, unfortunately. They will continue walking at a normal speed, taking forever to get to players if they decide to bolt it.

Granted, players can choose to travel without AI companions in the RPG but that makes things lonelier. There are plenty of planets in the game but a lot of them are empty or have empty sections, so AI companions are a must sometimes.

A Reddit user complains about Starfield's walking animations.
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Credit: GreyGoldFish (Reddit)

Unsurprisingly, fans are waiting for a mod to make this better, especially since some modders have already made impressive fixes. One user was able to fix the sci-fi RPG’s funky HUD, so let’s hope that an annoyed creator makes walking around faster.

Slow walking aside, there are plenty of activities in Starfield that should prevent players from getting bored of walking. Combat is a major part of the game, as is building your spaceship and traveling in space. Players can also use jetpacks and fly around planets, even gunning down enemies with them.

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Starfield is now available for those who purchased the Deluxe Editions, while everyone else will have to wait for September 6.

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