Starfield leaker arrested for stealing games and smoking Mary Jane

starfield leaker arrested for stealing games smoking mary jane
Credit: Bethesda/Ahmed Zayan

starfield leaker arrested for stealing games smoking mary jane
Credit: Bethesda/Ahmed Zayan

Infamous Starfield leaker Darin Harris was arrested last week for stealing copies of Bethesda’s unreleased RPG and for smoking some weed. While this won’t undo the damage that has been done to the Xbox exclusive, the leaker will be punished for stealing the game.

A police report obtained by Polygon confirms that the leaker stole 67 copies of Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG. These copies were stolen from a warehouse owned by logistics company Vaniva in Memphis, Tennessee, and cost approximately $2,500.

Not long after stealing copies of the game, Harris uploaded 45 minutes of gameplay on the internet, where it spread like wildfire. Harris even recorded footage of himself saying he would upload more videos, while also commending the game’s quality.

Eventually, Harris was arrested on Aug. 24 after the police searched his house with a warrant. Six stolen copies of Starfield were found, alongside some marijuana and three handguns. Interestingly, Harris told the police that he “purchased” these games, though nothing publicly has come from these comments.

While we have nothing against smoking weed and playing video games, stealing copies is a whole other thing. Obviously, things could have been worse, but the leaks have damaged some of the marketing Bethesda and Microsoft were planning to do.

These leaks have led to fans getting spoiled, with one Twitter user revealing the whole story of Starfield. Another leaker did a Q&A on Reddit about the game, confirming that players couldn’t go underwater.

Unfortunately, leaks like this tend to happen with AAA games, one way or another. It wasn’t that long ago when Pikmin 4 ROMs made their way online, spoiling the game for some. Persona 3 Reload was also accidentally leaked ahead of its reveal, due to someone from Atlus sharing the trailer earlier than expected.

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Starfield will be coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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