Starfield jetpacks might make the game too easy, worry fans

starfield jetpacks might make the game too easy worry fans

starfield jetpacks might make the game too easy worry fans

Starfield earned plenty of brownie points from fans by adding jetpacks, letting players travel across planets quickly. However, some are worried that the addition of jetpacks will make the game too easy when it comes to combat.

On the game’s subreddit, a user named bogeyj shared a clip of the jetpack in action, worrying that it will make combat too easy. While some were concerned, most players don’t mind its inclusion since this is a single-player RPG where exploration is king.

“It's a single-player game so I'm not worried about anything being OP,” says VelcroSnake. “Basically, if you think it's too powerful, just don't use it, you won't be at a disadvantage like you might be in a multiplayer game.”

SocksandSmocks chimed in, saying: “It's similar to people concerned about joining or leading every guild/faction in a game. If that's immersion breaking for you just.... don't do it. Have some self control rather than complain about the game not blocking you by design.”

It’s also worth noting that the Starfield video explicitly states that gravity is different for each planet, so jetpacks might not always be useful. In fact, some planets with heavy gravity may make jetpacks more inefficient, whereas others will make them too efficient.

Enemies in the game can also use jetpacks, so it’s not just one lone player against a horde of grounded foes. Players should expect to take part in these aerodynamic battles since the game won’t just give you a jetpack.

Jetpacks in gaming haven’t been too commonplace and this RPG is clearly using that to its advantage. The only other game we can think of that used jetpacks was Dark Void for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, that got mixed reviews at the time of release, though most of the praise was for the use of its jetpacks.

Beyond traveling, the freedom this game offers might include owning pets in the future. Just imagine flying around a peaceful planet with your dog or cat. The amount of freedom hyped by this game has also led to a fan bible that’s at least 1000 pages long.

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Starfield is coming to the Xbox Series and PC on September 6; the game will also be playable on Xbox One and mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass. Fans who purchase the game’s Constellation Edition will be able to play early on September 1st.

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