Starfield pets may let you keep your very own Cosmo dog

starfield pets may let you keep your very own cosmo dog
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

starfield pets may let you keep your very own cosmo dog
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

Starfield might just be the best Bethesda RPG if it lets players keep pets on their spaceship or planet, whatever they call home. While the feature hasn’t been confirmed by the company, old concept art shows that they did consider the idea.

Fans on the game’s subreddit have discovered some old concept art from one of the game’s first trailers. In this piece of art, we see an adult, a child, and a perfectly normal Earth cat walking around a spaceship. This means players could have their own version of a Cosmo spacedog or cat.

Unfortunately, Bethesda has yet to confirm if we can have pets in Starfield, which is a shame. Although there’s still a few months before the game’s release, one would think they would have revealed that feature by now. Then again, this could be a nice surprise down the line, assuming it happens.

In case anyone’s unaware, Soviet Russia used to surgically modify dogs and send them to space. While that sounds horrible, most dogs did survive, including a fairly well known one from history called Laika. This is also what inspired the creation of Cosmo from Marvel Comics, who recently appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Although Bethesda games offer a ton of freedom, it’s rare to see them offer pets for players to take care of. The only game with that feature from Bethesda is Fallout 4, though it could have also been a feature in Fallout 76. We won’t know if this RPG will have pets until Bethesda decides to spotlight the feature soon.

Even without pets, there’s a lot to be excited about for this Xbox exclusive. Some fans are looking forward to recreating certain bits of sci-fi media, like Firefly. Others also just want to roleplay as space businessmen, which is far from a bad thing.

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Starfield will be coming out on Xbox Series systems and PC on September 6.

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