Starfield is inspired by ‘every’ sci-fi series and movie you can think of

starfield is inspired by every sci-fi series and movie
Credit: Bethesda

starfield is inspired by every sci-fi series and movie
Credit: Bethesda

To the surprise of no one, Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield is going to take inspiration from various sci-fi media. From the iconic Star Wars to Event Horizon, the upcoming RPG aims to make every sci-fi fan happy.

Emil Pagliarulo, the game’s Design Director, revealed the news on Twitter, confirming that this RPG is influenced by plenty of sci-fi shows and movies. Pagliarulo confirmed that media like Cowboy Bebop, Event Horizon, and Space: 1999 were major inspirations. He also said that sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek also sparked some ideas.

“But seriously, I don't think there's a sci-fi movie or TV show out there that hasn't inspired Starfield's many devs in some way, from Space: 1999 to Cowboy Bebop to Event Horizon to Silent Running,” says Pagliarulo. “It's outer space, after all - there's room for everything.”

It’s no secret that Starfield is going to be wearing its influences on its sleeve. We previously covered how the game also got some ideas from Traveller, a popular tabletop RPG amongst fans. We also wouldn’t be surprised if other Bethesda RPGs were used as the blueprint, with many calling it Fallout or Skyrim in space.

One can’t deny that the hype for Starfield is pretty high, despite the lack of details. While we’ve only seen a few snippets of gameplay, fans are already preparing to support this game. There was even a fan who made a bible for all of the previews and clues we’ve seen thus far.

You don’t see the excitement for games like this a lot, so we’re interested to see how the final product does. Knowing Bethesda, we expect this open-world RPG to be a bit buggy but deliver on the exploration and writing.

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Fans will be able to play Starfield on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC on September 6.

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