Elder Scrolls Online follow-up has been in development for four years

elder scrolls online zenimax follow up three warriors pose
Credit: Zenimax Online/Bethesda

elder scrolls online zenimax follow up three warriors pose
Credit: Zenimax Online/Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Online has proven to be quite a hit with MMORPG fans, thanks to brilliant expansions every year. Alongside expansions, Zenimax Online has also been working on an original IP for almost five years.

Game development is a notoriously long process and one that doesn’t always promise good results, especially for MMOs. The fact that Zenimax Online is working on an original IP makes the studio’s next game even more interesting. Will the wait be worth it?

Will the next game from Zenimax Online rival the success of Elder Scrolls Online? Or will it be a gigantic disappointment like Fallout 76 was when it first launched? Until more details are revealed, it’s hard to say.

In an interview with the Product Builders Podcast, Creative Director Ben Jones talked about the new IP from the Elder Scrolls Online developers. Apparently, this brand-new IP is expected to be a AAA title exclusive to the Xbox brand and has been in development since 2018.

Unfortunately, Jones does not reveal a lot about the original IP, aside from the fact that it’s a “considerable investment” from the studio. No release date was announced either, though expect to see it in a future Xbox Showcase when the time is right.

Zenimax Online and its main studio, Bethesda, have been rather busy as of late. While Zenimax Online works on this new IP and updates for Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda is working on space RPG Starfield. There’s also the much-hyped Elder Scrolls 6, though that doesn’t even have a release window yet, let alone a release date.

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For now, if MMO fans haven’t yet, they can pick up Elder Scrolls Online on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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