Weird Starfield glitch gives players a pet rock

starfield glitch gives players a pet rock
Credit: ReverendRoo (Reddit)/Bethesda

starfield glitch gives players a pet rock
Credit: ReverendRoo (Reddit)/Bethesda

Starfield is the biggest game Bethesda has ever made but that also means it’s riddled with a number of bugs. One bug is actually kind of adorable, as it gives players a pet rock whenever they’re flying around in space.

A fan going by ReverendRoo posted on the game’s subreddit and shared images of their, well, pet rock. The fan states that this tiny rock has been following their spaceship for the past 30 hours, making it a really reliable pet.

It seems that this is a common bug in Starfield, as several fans on the subreddit have confirmed that they have these pet rocks. One fan even said that they had several pet rocks at one point, let's call it a fleet of rocks.

One fan describes this adorable Starfield glitch.
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Credit: ReverendRoo (Reddit)

Despite the hilarity of having a bunch of rocks follow you around while flying in space, they don’t really do much. Still, anything that makes travelling around space less lonely is appreciated, which is probably why fans don’t hate this glitch.

This title has had a number of interesting glitches that fans have enjoyed for one reason or another. One fan witnessed their ship take flight without them, making many wish that this was an actual quest where an enemy stole your ship.

Most fans have accepted the fact that these Bethesda games will have bugs and glitches. Funnily enough, Bethesda has also attempted to own that fact, claiming that games like Skyrim or Starfield wouldn’t be possible without bugs. The fact that these games are selling really well is proof that gamers enjoy having this sense of freedom.

Of course, just because Bethesda is aware of bugs doesn’t mean that they leave them there on purpose. Microsoft actually told the company to work on the game more when it was finished because they wanted it to be as polished as possible.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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