Starfield players want their ships stolen after this hilarious glitch

starfield players want their ships stolen after this hilarious glitch
Credit: Bethesda

starfield players want their ships stolen after this hilarious glitch
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is a Bethesda game through and through, offering players the most freedom they will ever get in space while also having weird bugs. While most examples of in-game bugs tend to be pretty annoying, a recent one was so funny that players wished it was real.

A fan posted on the game’s subreddit, revealing that their ship just suddenly took off without them. It’s genuinely one of the funniest bugs we’ve ever seen in a video game and though it’s easy enough to restart from the last checkpoint, this is still amazing.

Hilarity aside, Starfield fans also see some of the potential that comes with seeing your ship take off without you. Many are now wishing that enemies would try to steal their ship like they do here, possibly leading to a mission where you get it back.

“I’m assuming this was a glitch, but honestly getting your ship stolen would be a great sidequest,” HiCustodian1 said.

“God, the sheer potential that comes from Bethesda games once creation kits are released is……’s almost a gamer perfect dream,” said Blajammer. “Let everyone now if you release a ship jacking quest mod I’ll play it first.”

Other Starfield fans also commented on the possible hilarity of Vasco, your mech companion, stealing your ship. It may never happen, but seeing this glitch makes us think it would be funny if it rebelled against you. Vasco already doesn’t like it when you murder people, after all.

“Vasco: "Look at me, I am the Captain now" joked deep-sleep.

“Vasco disappeared on me and hasn't shown up again. If he pulled this on me, It'd be a great plot twist,” chimed in No-Negotiation-9539.

Even at its buggiest, fans can find something in Starfield to enjoy, showing the sheer potential and fun of Bethesda games. Considering how Bethesda plans to fully support mods next year, the potential for new missions that start like this is filled with potential.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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