Starfield fast travel fanatics are skipping the game's best content

starfield fast travel fanatics skip the best content
Credit: Bethesda

starfield fast travel fanatics skip the best content
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is a huge game with multiple planets to fully explore, so we can’t blame players for being liberal with fast travel. However, there is content gamers are missing out on if they keep using the option, which is why they should stick it out sometimes.

A fan posted on the game’s subreddit and advised players to not always use fast travel. They even gave detailed instructions on what to do when going to other planets to maximize what this game has to offer.

Rather than skipping cutscenes and immediately heading to the planet, this user encourages players to let these cinematics play. Players were also advised to head to the planet’s orbit as well, letting cutscenes and anything else play out.

While it makes things a bit longer, this is where some of the best Starfield content can be found. If players decide to travel slightly slower, they can have random encounters with various ships. These range from harmless jokes to intense battles, so players should attempt to seek them out.

Here are some of the things fans have experienced when not fast traveling:

“I met the ship that travelled 200 years to get there. They made grav drives work shortly after these people left Earth lmao. And the planet they wanted to settle on had a freaking beach resort on it....” said SavagerXx.

“Yesterday, I encountered a sysdef ship that wanted me to deliver a package to atlantis space port. Quick 7.5k credits,” proclaimed No_reply_GHoster.

“Agreed. If I had fast traveled I would never have met Grandma!” revealed sandchigger.

“I ran into some geologist woman who wanted rare minerals that I didn't have, but she struck up a conversation with me about random stuff. Her ship's grav drive was old and worn out. It was taking a while to boot up and you could tell that she was embarrassed and feeling very awkward from her tone of voice,” says DarthDeimos6624. “Eventually it did boot up and her ship jumped away in the middle of a sentence.”

Obviously, there’s more to the RPG than going through space, though it’s still this game’s biggest selling point. Sure, players can slog through each planet Fallout or Skyrim-style but they can also take part in interesting space encounters when given the opportunity.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to the player as Bethesda encourages fans to do whatever they want. Players have a near-limitless amount of freedom and bugs to encounter, most Bethesda fans are used to them by now.

There’s simply so much to discover in Starfield, though players who like to go in guns blazing should be careful. If you end up in jail, players get negative XP, which grinds everything to a halt. Also, most of your companions won’t be cool with your murderous behavior, so prepare to be judged.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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