Starfield fans want more companions that support their evil ways

starfield fans want more companions that support their evil ways
Credit: Bethesda

starfield fans want more companions that support their evil ways
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield encourages players to do whatever they want but it seems that the game’s companions aren’t as kind. While fans will be able to do various crimes in the sci-fi RPG, the vast majority of AI partners will be very judgey about it.

Fans on the game’s subreddit posted about these holier-than-thou companions, who will always question the player when they do something illedal. Granted, some of these characters have a moral compass but the fact so many of them do makes committing crimes less fun.

A good number of players have decided to explore the stars solo, just so that they won’t be chastised by their friends. Obviously, this is far from the worst thing to do in the game and it ensures that players won’t have to walk slowly with their AI partners.

Thankfully, there is a solution for Starfield fans and it’s not just playing the game by yourself. Vasco, your robot companion, actually won’t judge you too much when committing crimes, so he’s a solid choice when exploring. Joining the Crimson Fleet faction can also net you some like-minded partners who don’t mind committing violent piracy.

Just to be clear, we at Stealth Optional don’t advise our readers to commit actual crimes in real life. However, Bethesda games are where we can live out some twisted fantasies and being a space pirate is one of them. Even Bethesda encourages fans to commit crimes in their games, assuming they don’t get caught, of course.

Plus, there are already severe punishments in Starfield for players if they keep doing bad things. Should anyone get arrested by the police, they can get negative XP, which makes grinding and combat a lot more difficult. That’s punishment enough and players don’t need their companions whining about the murder we committed two seconds ago.

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Starfield is only available to those that purchased the Deluxe Editions with Early Access. Everyone else will have to wait until September 6, which isn’t too far off.

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