Starfield fans vow to recreate The Martian in new RPG

starfield fans vow to recreate the martian in new rpg

starfield fans vow to recreate the martian in new rpg

Starfield is looking like the definitive space RPG and fans want to use its complex systems to recreate 2015’s The Martian in the game. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie isn’t very video game-y but Bethesda’s actual game can make this already-good movie even more exciting.

A post on the game’s subreddit showed that players can visit Mars and someone made a joke referencing the movie. Fans in the comments were very happy with what they saw and some of them want to remake the movie through this RPG. At the very least, they want some easter eggs that reference the film.

“I would be surprised if there wasn’t a Mark Watney Easter egg somewhere on mars. I could imagine a Bethesda joke version where there is just some dead guy in a rover with like 600 potatoes,” says Rbar124. “Or a blown out hab filled with crops with a dead guy in an airlock 200 meters away trying to build a fire with hair.”

“As a fan of the movie, you can count me in to build a Hab like the one from The Martian in Starfield,” claimed chibitacos101. “Won't be a 100% recreation but "I tried my best" attempt.”

“Absolutely. Already done in my mind,” said AstronomerIT.

Excitement for Starfield is at an all-time high after the gameplay showcase and this post has only made things better. Considering how the showcase had someone steal a bunch of sandwiches in the game, recreating The Martian should be pretty easy. Well, it won’t be “easy” but players will have fun.

We wouldn’t be too surprised if there was a reference or two to the movie since Todd Howard did say this game is inspired by all sci-fi media. Bethesda isn’t above cheeky references like this, as they once had Indiana Jones’ corpse appear in a refrigerator in Fallout 3 for a Golden Skull reference.

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Unless we’re getting another delay, it looks like fans are finally getting Starfield on September 6. This sci-fi RPG will be coming to Xbox Series and PC.

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