Starfield’s coochie monster alien results in a curious community

starfield coochie monster alien results in a curious community
Credit: Bethesda

starfield coochie monster alien results in a curious community
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is a sci-fi RPG filled with all kinds of fantastical creatures and horrific monsters, depending on the planets players visit. Recently, fans have uncovered a creature that looks like female genitalia, a coochie monster if you will.

A post on the game’s official subreddit revealed that there’s this huge creature in the RPG that looks like a woman’s twinkle cave. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a lot of jokes being shared, with some fans slightly “interested” in the creature if you catch our drift.

"VASCO, deactivate recording protocols..." joked Imaginary-Bread7897.

“Sarah, I think it’s time we went our separate ways,” said Toninho7.

“I'm getting the ‘after all, why shouldn't I?’Bilbo meme here…” plonkman comments.

Considering what the creature looks like, we can’t exactly blame Starfield fans for making all of these jokes. (Speak for yourself - Editor.) How this monster’s design got approved by Bethesda is beyond us, though maybe they wanted players to react this way. This RPG is rated M for Mature, after all.

Starfield fan discovers a unique-looking monster.
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Credit: CrypticGorillaCaulk (Reddit)

The discovery of this creature does make us wonder if there are any other oddly-shaped aliens out there. We wouldn’t be too shocked if there were some phallic-shaped creatures roaming around the game’s planets. Sci-fi media is filled with genitalia-shaped iconography. For example, the iconic Xenomorph from Alien was purposefully designed with themes of sexuality in mind. (And they recently gave the Alien Queen a huge ass.)

It just goes to show that exploring the various planets in Starfield is a worthwhile endeavor, as you never know what to expect. Players can even kill these creatures and sell them for parts if they want, as long as they don’t get caught by the police. Anyone who gets caught is sent to prison and that results in negative XP, which nobody wants to get.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC, with plans for story-based DLC confirmed.

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