Starfield Constellation Edition pre-orders will arrive before release date

starfield constellation edition pre-orders will arrive early
Credit: Bethesda

starfield constellation edition pre-orders will arrive early
Credit: Bethesda

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Starfield is a little over one month away, likely cementing its place as a huge Xbox exclusive. While most gamers will get it on September 6, those who pre-ordered the Constellation Edition are getting it slightly earlier.

On the game’s subreddit, a fan shared Amazon’s update with them about the Constellation Edition. The update reveals that they will be getting the Constellation on August 31, which is a day earlier than the advertised early access.

Before fans get too excited, those in the comments did bring up how these services can still be late. Most of them agreed that their copy of the Constellation will likely come out on September 1, though they wouldn’t mind being proven wrong.

A post on Reddit shows that the Starfield Constellation Edition is coming early.
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Credit: Robbie (Reddit)

Whatever happens, this is the first good news revolving around the Starfield Constellation Edition in a while. Prior to this, some fans were getting their pre-orders canceled by Walmart due to low stocks or a bug in their system.

This special collector’s edition has also been hard to get, due to scalpers ordering them in bulk. Unfortunately, this has become a common trend when it comes to new releases and their special editions. PlayStation fans are going through that right now with the special Spider-Man 2 PS5 being the latest victim of scalpers.

For those unaware, the Constellation Edition comes with a number of goodies that hardcore fans will care about. A special steel book, something called a chronomark watch and a digital copy of the game. Why this doesn’t come with a disc is frustrating but AAA games seem to be moving in a digital-only direction.

No matter if it's digital or physical, Starfield fans will be having a ball when the game comes out. The hype around this Xbox exclusive is so strong that other devs had to move their release dates. It’s easy to see why Microsoft is banking on this game to make them billions.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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