Starfield banks will foreclose on your house for realistic depression

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Starfield banks will foreclose on your house for realistic depression - Starfield’s adoring fan crying next to a letter of eviction notice

Bethesda’s Starfield will be a massive spacefaring sci-fi RPG, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten the depressing minutiae of everyday life. In a recently leaked screenshot, it’s revealed that Starfield banks will foreclose your house, leaving you homeless amongst the stars.

Revealed in a now-deleted Reddit post, a screenshot of Bethesda’s highly-anticipated RPG shows a player experiencing virtual foreclosure inside the video game. Similar to the world of Cyberpunk 2077, techno-capitalism has developed ways of screwing you over while you’re galavanting elsewhere.

In the screenshot, a pop-up shows the player unable to access their apartment until they pay 500 Credits in rent. That’s right, if your fake mortgage goes unpaid, you’re going to be virtually homeless.

“GalBank has locked your house until you make an Interest-only mortgage payment of 500 credits,” the pop-up reads. “Your payment will give you one week of access before the next payment is due or untll the mortgage has been pald in full.”

An image of Starfield banks foreclosing on a virtual house, asking for money to keep the player’s house unlocked
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Let’s hope Bethesda doesn’t remove this.

Starfield fans have been begging for rentable apartments in Bethesda’s latest RPG. While previous Starfield gameplay reveals have showed off a fair amount of the game, it didn’t even touch on the possibility of player houses and apartments.

At the time of writing, Bethesda is removing images of the Starfield house foreclosure prior to the game’s release. Since all of the images come from pre-release access of the game by press or influencers, the game footage is still under a strict embargo.

While having rentable or buyable houses in Starfield is a great feature, there are still some unconfirmed features that fans have been asking for. One example is pets, which was shown in concept art. Another example is adoptable children, just like Skyrim.


With Starfield’s economy already in shambles, the game’s virtual banks foreclosing on houses isn’t surprising at all. We just hope we can jetpack over to the bank and get ourselves a free toaster, just like Spider-Man 2!

We’ll find out exactly what Starfield has to offer when the game goes live on September 1st for Deluxe Edition owners and September 6th for everyone else on Xbox Series and PC.

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