Star Wars Outlaws on PC will match Jedi Survivor's stunning graphics

Kay and ND-5 walking together in Star Wars Outlaws key art
Credit: Ubisoft

Kay and ND-5 walking together in Star Wars Outlaws key art
Credit: Ubisoft


  • Nvidia and Ubisoft have partnered to bring ray tracing, DLSS 3, and Reflex to Star Wars Outlaws
  • The game will launch with the Nvidia features on August 30, 2024, as announced alongside the story trailer
  • Considering how beautiful Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and Jedi Survivor were, we’re excited to see how Outlaws turns out

As modern hardware gets more impressive, there's nothing quite like seeing the galaxy far, far away with spectacular fidelity. Star Wars Outlaws has some big boots to fill when it comes to graphics, being the first open-world Star Wars game, and following on from Respawn's beautiful Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Despite the PC launch of Jedi Survivor being buggy and even causing some of the best graphics cards on the market to lose frames, there's no doubt it looks gorgeous. The game still hasn't been truly optimised by Respawn, as annoyed players have been forced to find their own performance fixes, but the visual quality is impressive.

However, Star Wars Outlaws is aiming to avoid making Survivor's mistakes. Announced alongside the release of a new story trailer for the game, Ubisoft and Nvidia have confirmed that Outlaws will feature ray tracing, paired with Nvidia's DLSS 3 and Reflex to further boost performance. And, considering Jedi Survivor's implementation of ray tracing, we're excited.

Of course, it's two different developers working on the game. Star Wars Outlaws is being developed by Massive Entertainment, which is best known for The Division series, while Jedi Survivor was developed by Respawn Entertainment. However, considering that Frontiers of Pandora looked fairly gorgeous, all issues aside, so we're hoping that Star Wars Outlaw offers the same quality.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait long to experience the galaxy far, far away again either, as the Star Wars Outlaws release date is August 30, 2024, just over four months away. In all honesty, I much prefer to be a Jedi or a Sith and slash at enemies with Lightsabers, but I'm excited to play a galactic criminal in the upcoming game. Especially when pairing the game with the best gaming monitor for the best experience.

We can't wait to perform an exciting heist in the world of Star Wars Outlaws, especially after heading back to Tatooine in the game too. Unfortunately, we can't play the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection on PC while we wait, considering the issues, so we'll have to settle for other Star Wars games in the meantime.

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