Of course, Star Wars Outlaws is going back to Tatooine

Star Wars Outlaws Tatooine

Star Wars Outlaws Tatooine

Star Wars Outlaws might be the franchise’s first open-world game but it still wants to tickle your nostalgia. In addition to the game feeling like it’s part of the original trilogy, it will also bring fans back to Tatooine.

Ubisoft released a behind-the-scenes video, showcasing a number of locations that will be in Outlaws. As expected, Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine is in the game because a new Star Wars project always has to reference the past.

This isn’t an official confirmation that Star Wars Outlaws will have a cameo from Luke or others but we wouldn’t be surprised. Even the most diehard fan of the franchise knows that Disney won’t “let the past die”, as Kylo Ren once put it.

Nostalgia will always be a mixed bag when it comes to Star Wars games, though it usually doesn’t hurt the overall product. Many enjoyed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for being a great game, even with one or two references to the movies or shows.

At the least, the open-world game will have some brand-new planets we haven’t seen before. In the video, gamers can get their first glimpse of Toshara, which was created for the game. The devs at Massive Entertainment based it on the African Savannah and are hoping that it stands out.

Making these planets wasn’t easy, as the developers hand-crafted them from scratch to make them feel big. These planets will be as big as two hub areas from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was a huge game already. Fans are promised plenty of freedom on these planets, almost at a Grand Theft Auto level, apparently.

Overall, even with the reliance on nostalgia, there’s a lot to look forward to with Star Wars Outlaws. Plenty of fans find the droid companion very sexy, which almost makes up for Kay Vess not shutting up.

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Star Wars Outlaws is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC next year.

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