Star Wars: KOTOR remake devs won’t confirm if the game is still in development

Star Wars KOTOR man holding a scary red lightsaber

Star Wars KOTOR man holding a scary red lightsaber

BioWare’s iconic RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic did have a remake in development for PC and PlayStation 5. However, in recent weeks, news has soured on the Star Wars: KOTOR remake, and no one will say if it’s still being made.

After the remake’s trailer was removed from social media, allegedly for copyright purposes, many were wondering if the Star Wars: KOTOR remake was still in development. Over the past year, the title has suffered from numerous development woes, changing developers and being changed to be “more cinematic” for PS5 audiences.

Axios journalist Stephen Totillo revealed on Twitter that Disney delisted the trailers due to expired music licenses. However, the journalist also revealed that no one will confirm if the KOTOR remake is still in active development at any studio.

“I shared what I asked, what they told me and what I asked after that. In my follow-up I also flat-out asked if the game was still in development or not. No response. Sorry,” the journalist told fans on social media.

The initial version of the Star Wars: KOTOR remake was developed by Aspyr Media, the same team behind recent remasters of the original two games. This version of the game even brought back classic writers to reimagine the original’s story without ruining its appeal.

At the time of writing, it’s unsure whether or not the game is currently in development at any studio. Even if it is, the original proposed release date for the Knights of the Old Republic game was internally scheduled for 2025.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic exists in a weird pseudo-canon for the current Disney-led universe. While certain elements have been made canon — Darth Revan has been canonised in Rise of Skywalker — it’s considered part of the non-canon Legends universe. In fact, The Old Republic era has been replaced by the new High Republic era.

Nevertheless, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the all-time best stories in the sci-fi universe. Even if the game never gets remade, it will still be one of the most influential games in the franchise.

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