Star Wars’ John Williams receives honorary knighthood by late Queen Elizabeth II

Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Superman composer John Williams has rocked the world with his iconic movie themes. Now, at 90 years of age, the beloved composer has received the biggest acknowledgement of his work: a Knighthood.

Was John Williams knighted by Queen Elizabeth II?

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Williams was on the list of upcoming people to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Prior to her death, the Queen of England aimed to grant the composer a KBE. This means that John Williams would’ve been a Knight Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

The composer will not be knighted by King Charles III. However, he will receive an honorary knighthood for his work in the field of entertainment.

Working as a film composer for 70 years, Williams’ knighthood is a massive accomplishment. The composer has also received 25 Grammys, seven BAFTAs and five Oscars over the course of his career.

John Williams recently retired, again, from film composing. However, the composer was roped back into the movie industry for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie The Fabelmans. Will he ever actually retire?

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Disney CEO Bob Iger also gets knighted

John Williams was not the only Star Wars-affiliated person in the late Queen’s list of Knights. In fact, the composer was joined by Disney CEO Bob Iger as well.

Iger’s knighthood wasn’t simply down to entertainment, but due to his importance in U.S.-U.K. relations. The CEO discussed the knighthood in a statement, saying:

“It is truly special and one of the great honors of my life to have the honorary Knight of the British Empire conferred on me by her before she passed. Our two nations share a strong bond, which I have seen up close over many years through my deep personal and professional connections to the United Kingdom. I have great affection for the people of the UK, and have always appreciated and been inspired by their extraordinary contributions, particularly in the creative arts.”

As the Queen’s last knights, Iger and Williams represent the end of an era. However, it does lead to one question: who will be the King’s first knight?

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