Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gets a PC port for some reason

star wars galaxy of heroes coming to pc
Credit: EA

star wars galaxy of heroes coming to pc
Credit: EA


  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is coming to PC
  • Pre-registration for the game's open beta is now available
  • No plans for a console port yet

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes launched on mobile devices back in 2015 and it’s still around today, giving fans quick thrills with their favorite characters. In a fairly surprising move, EA is bringing the fanservice RPG to PC eight years after its launch, something most of us didn’t expect to see.

EA announced (via IGN) that Galaxy of Heroes will be coming to PC soon, with registrations for the closed beta already going live. Fans can expect the game to look and run better on PC, though we do have to wonder why EA would port a gacha title like this on computers.

This isn’t just a simple port job of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, as Game Informer was able to confirm cross-save between PC and mobile versions. Anyone currently playing Galaxy of Heroes on their phone will be able to continue all of their progress on PC, which is cool.

Other improvements coming to this version include 60fps, anti-aliasing, high resolution, and controls catered to mouse and keyboard. It’s similar to Square Enix’s port of Final Fantasy Ever Crisis, but this game won’t be retelling the stories fans already know to heart.

Bringing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes to PC is an odd decision and we’re interested in seeing if this game can replicate the mobile version’s success. Things can always pick up when shows like The Acolyte make their way to Disney+, which means more positive press for the franchise as a whole.

Galaxy of Heroes is officially coming to PC, but fans hoping that the game would also be coming to consoles are going to be disappointed. At the time of writing, it seems like there are no plans to bring this to anything else, though plans can always change. Still, considering how the game is controlled, we don’t think controllers would fit this title well.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is readily available on smart devices, with the PC port coming soon.

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