Star Wars fans want to shag Outlaws’ hot droid

star wars fans want to shag outlaws hot droid
Credit: Ubisoft Massive

star wars fans want to shag outlaws hot droid
Credit: Ubisoft Massive

Star Wars Outlaws might have a cute lady protagonist, but fans are thirsting after the game’s hot droid companion ND-5 a lot more. We haven’t seen a droid this dashing since General Grievous but this robot has fans thirsting just as much, if not more, for them.

Revealed in both the cinematic and gameplay trailers, ND-5 has already taken the internet by storm. It seems that fans love a big man with a skinny waist and an awesome-looking trench coat. The fact that their voice also has some gruffness to it is also very much appreciated.

Fans were quick to share how much they want to get to know this Star Wars Outlaws droid, which is impressive:

“This droid rockin the sluttiest waist,” says @jska00.

“Every Star Wars game of the last decade went out of their way to make the droid companions all cute and tiny and Ubisoft went “what if we made him really hot,” chimed in @kushbot420000.

“If morally ambiguous, why slutty waist?” innocently asks @Jwhitbrook.

Just type out the game’s name and bear witness to a ton of thirst from fans everywhere. Even we think the character, at the very least, looks and sounds really cool. The “slutty” waist definitely helps but it’s mostly about the cool factor.

We do think it’s hilarious that this droid is taking some of the shine away from the very first open-world Star Wars game. Fans should be talking about the fun-looking gameplay or the story but no, everybody just wants to get it on with a robot. To each their own, obviously, and we can’t wait for all of the inevitable artwork that will come with it.

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Onlookers being thirsty aside, we are interested in seeing what Ubisoft Massive has planned for Star Wars Outlaws. Although it could easily be another Ubisoft open-world title, the IP’s setting might be enough to engage gamers. Expect to play the game on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC soon.

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