Star Wars: Empire at War gets huge update 17 years late

star wars empire at war big update 17 years
Credit: LucasFilm/Petroglyph

star wars empire at war big update 17 years
Credit: LucasFilm/Petroglyph

Star Wars: Empire at War, a 2006 real-time strategy game released on PC, just got a huge update after 17 years. This isn’t just a typical one with bug fixes either, as the update does make this title a lot more playable for modern PC gamers.

Developer Petroglyph released patch notes on Steam (thanks Culture Crave), revealing a couple of significant upgrades that players will appreciate. Firstly, the RTS has now been upgraded from 32-bit to 64-bit, which will supposedly fix issues like the “Out of Memory” bug.

In addition to the upgrade, Star Wars: Empire at War now has improved multiplayer stability, which is always good to see for an older title. Maps and graphics assets have also received updates, which is pretty surprising for an RTS this old.

Petroglyph credits Lucas Games for their support, claiming they have an “unwavering dedication” to the RTS. Community leaders were also thanked, as they were able to report all the various bugs for this title after many years.

Reception to the update for Star Wars: Empire at War has been pretty positive, with fans on Reddit expressing their excitement. Naturally, many fans are also hoping for an eventual sequel or a similar new RTS in the future, though that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. At the least, fans can take comfort in the fact that Empire at War and various Star Wars games are available on PC.

The future of Star Wars games is pretty bright, even if none of them currently involve the RTS genre. Last-gen fans are waiting for the PS4 and Xbox One port of Jedi Survivor, just to see how this version holds up. Ubisoft will also be releasing Star Wars Outlaws next year, the first game in this franchise set in an open-world, with fans hoping this is the start of something great.

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Star Wars: Empire at War is readily available on Steam and GOG.

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