Star Trek Jadzia actor wants to return despite character death

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 has been hailed as one of the best Trek shows of all time. While it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll return to the space station crew, Jadzia actor Terry Farrell wants her deceased character to come back.

Fadell wants to play Jadzia again

Reported by Trek Movie, Farrell discussed a return to the franchise in a recent panel. During the 56-Year Mission Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, the actress discussed the resurrection of Jadzia Dax.

The host Jadzia died during season six of Deep Space Nine, a moment that felt very final. Nevertheless, Farrell — who has just exited retirement — still wants to return to Star Trek.

Farrell claimed that bringing back dead characters is no big deal. Using The Search For Spock as an example, the actor explained that anyone can return if they want to. In fact, she believed that it’s “no big f**king deal”. 

“I was actually thinking about how Spock died,” she said. “Didn’t he melt, basically? He saved everyone’s life. And then he just came back… and there he was. And Kirk kind of went, “Oh, there he is.” And everyone nodded and said, “Yes, he’s back!” I want that moment for me… Exactly how you bring her back, it’s no big fucking deal.”

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A job for Picard?

The act of resurrecting Jadzia is only really possible in the realm of Star Trek: Picard. While Farrell could appear as another recurring character in Discovery, Strange New Worlds or elsewhere, reviving Jadzia wouldn’t really suit any other shows.

With Picard’s disregard for past emotional beats in Trek, it seems like the obvious place to revive a dead character. However, we hope that, for once, the Trek character stays dead.

On the other hand, there are more characters that want to return. For example, the loveable rascal (and very much alive) Quark wants to return. Furthermore, Tasha Yar is returning for Picard Season 3.

With a franchise as vast as Star Trek, there are bound to be a large number of revivals. However, in the words of Stephen King: sometimes dead is better.

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