Star Ocean 2 remake is ready to go for Christmas

Star Ocean 2 remake ready to go for christmas star ocean 2 protagonists

Star Ocean 2 remake ready to go for christmas star ocean 2 protagonists

This time there's no stopping the rumors - it seems like the Star Ocean 2 remake is gearing up for a Christmas release. Or perhaps even sooner, according to usually right on the money games industry leaker NateDrake, as he mentions the Star Ocean 2 remake should be ready to go "for the holidays".

This might be interesting since Square haven't really said anything about the Star Ocean 2 remake, have they? Of course we have all seen the Star Ocean Second Story R logo appear on Square's website, before being quietly removed. But that was all the news we had from the Japanese company.

NateDrake mentions, on a thread on Resetera, that the game is coming "later this year", but it is still not clear if it is going to be a full-on remake or a remaster. He's not even sure if this is being based on the original PSX version or the later PSP one, he mentions that "the scope and ambition is greater than the original game".

The series has seen its latest entry quite recently, with 2022's The Divine Force, developed by tri-Ace.

Naturally the announcement has sent fans buzzing, with many being quite happy that Square seems to be very much busy in re-releasing their catalogue with new and added bells and whistles. We've already seen some very promising news about Final Fantasy Tactics remake recently.

Of course fans are now wondering about other games as well. "Really hope they decide to remake/remaster Till the End of Time too at some point" says one fan on Reddit. Others, in the meantime, wander about a possible remake of Xeno-gears. The sky is the limit, really.

Perhaps we'll see an official announcement at the next Nintendo Direct, but either way, we are fairly sure that Square is gearing up to announce the Star Ocean 2 remake very soon. Fans are awaiting with baited breath to dive back into the original game.

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