Small Universe X Sugar Cubes handheld is a Game Boy with a rotating screen

A collection of sugar cubes handhelds with their rotating oled screens

A collection of sugar cubes handhelds with their rotating oled screens

Have you ever loooked at your swathe of emulation devices and thought they were lacking a cool gimmick? Well, the Small Universe X Sugar Cubes emulation handheld aims to remedy that by introducing a nifty rotating screen into your library.

Via RetroDodo, the new Game Boy clone in the same vein as PowKiddy devices, the Small Universe X Sugar Cubes device offers users an emulation experience on a crisp 3.9inch OLED screen. Not only is the screen fairly high-res at 1240x1080 pixels, but it can also be rotated at will.

The device's 4:3 screen ratio makes it perfect for retro games such as the Game Boy, SNES, PS1 and other consoles of that era. Additionally, the rotating screen could be used to make vertical versions of sidescrolling shooters. We’re sure there’s other uses for it as well, we just cant think of any.

Of course, it’s worth noting that you could play more modern widescreen games on the display, but they won’t look very good. Thankfully, that means any system up to the PS2/GameCube will look pretty damn snazzy on the square screen.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the same chip found in the brilliant Retroid Pocket 4, the emulation device is surprisingly powerful. You shouldn’t run into any issues emulating retro games, outside of particularly tricky systems like the SEGA Saturn.

A collection of small universe x sugar cubes handhelds
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Look how cute they are!

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As for controls, the device offers two analogue sticks, face buttons, a round “D-Pad” and rear bumpers/triggers. There’s everything you need to play games on the small emulation device.

Even with the impressive specs, button offerings and nifty screen, the Small Universe X Sugar Cubes also comes in a range of striking colours for its metal chassis. There’s bright reds and purples alongside soft pastel pinks and greys. It’s an attractive looking system already, but the colours make it look even better.

There’s currently no known price for the Small Universe X Sugar Cubes at the time of writing.

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