Skyrim's iconic Thomas the Tank Engine modder releases new RPG

skyrim thomas the tank engine modder underspace rpg
Credit: HIT Entertainment/Camlann Games

skyrim thomas the tank engine modder underspace rpg
Credit: HIT Entertainment/Camlann Games

Skyrim fans everywhere remember how modder Trainwiz once brought Thomas the Tank Engine into the open-world RPG, quickly becoming an iconic internet meme. In a shocking bit of news, Trainwiz has become a legitimate game developer and is working on a cool sci-fi RPG called Underspace.

Underspace is currently available in Steam's Early Access and looks like a promising space shooter, mixing up Star Fox-style shooting with RPG mechanics. The setting also looks stellar, as it imagines space as this Lovecraftian horror atmosphere that should get our trigger fingers into fright.

Despite looking like a very good game that could surprise a ton of players, many of us are hoping that Trainwiz ends up putting Thomas somewhere here like in Skyrim. We probably won’t see that, unless Trainwiz decides to mod their own game, but there’s always hope to see that meme referenced.

Memes aside, Underspace looks like a very good game, especially since we’re in an era that doesn’t have too many space-themed shooters like this. No Man’s Sky might be an exception, but that’s only one feature in the game, as a lot of it is also exploration-based. There’s also Starfield, but it seems fans have given up on that game after doing everything interesting in it.

Fans interested in the Skyrim modder’s game will be able to check out Underspace soon, as the shooter is expected to leave Early Access on April 10. Hopefully, the Early Access period where the devs seek to correct any flaws the players find will pay dividends in the final release. The game looks like it could be something special and we hope this indie dev gets to make more exciting projects like this.

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Trainwhiz’s Underspace officially comes out on April 10. Meanwhile, fans who want to face Thomas the Tank Engine can pick up Skyrim on any game system under the sun, though modding fans should get it on PC.

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