She-Hulk star mocks men still upset over the Marvel show’s existence

Marvel’s She-Hulk TV series has been one of the more enjoyable MCU shows so far. A funny, laid-back sitcom, the new series has an energy that’s been sorely lacking in a lot of the recent shows.

Despite this, the series is still bringing the ire of whiners all over the internet. As we learned from Ms. Marvel, a loud minority of Marvel “fans” seemingly can’t survive when a series dares to star a female character.

She-Hulk star claps back at whining men

In a Twitter post, She-Hulk actress Jameela Jamil posted a video of herself in Times Square in an outfit from the show. Since the show debuted, the actress has been posting in character on social media, going as far as to call her fictional nemesis some rather crude names.

In the tweet, Jamil posted the caption “WAITING FOR THE FINAL EPISODE OF SHE HULK LIKE...” In response, the same hateful crowd as usual replied with hate comments. Others were less rude, simply stating: “who’s waiting”.

Jamil responded to one of the less offensive posters saying, “lol... why are so many men so upset? Are you all ok?” After months of repetitive, spiteful comments online, it would appear that the actress has had enough.

However, the actress also noticed another, more offensive tweet from the same poster. In response to the now deleted tweet, the actress said:

“I am toxic? You randomly were rude to me online without knowing me. You are toxic. A woman politely responding to your rudeness is toxic? You need our show, because it highlights your type of behavior. Some men are exhausting for women to deal with and have no accountability.”

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An exhausting battle

Fighting against whining crowds online is, for some, an impossible battle. With so many “influencers” pushing hateful rhetoric against entertainment staring women — after all, hate equals clicks — online hate campaigns against inoffensive shows is still ongoing.

However, actresses like Jameela Jamil do still look on the bright side. In a later tweet, the actress explained that she is still working on a dream project, and she has a full cup in life. She said:

“I got to live my dream and be in a Marvel project and go to events where I got to meet all my Favourite Marvel stars and talk to them about their movies, and I got PAID?! my cup is FULL. But how is your life going?"

Unfortunately, the abuse that female stars in pop culture suffer has become commonplace. Female actors are often bullied off social media, such as Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy Ridley. Years after The Rise of Skywalker, Ridley even returned to Instagram, only to be met with immediate hate all over again. It’s an exhausting, never-ending battle against a crowd of babies upset over fiction.

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