Sharp adopts Samsung’s Quantum Dot OLED instead of LG’s standard

Sharp adopts Samsung’s Quantum Dot OLED instead of LG’s standard

Sharp adopts Samsung’s Quantum Dot OLED instead of LG’s standard

New Sharp OLED TVs will not only be adopting the widely lauded LG WOLED display technology, but also Samsung’s OLED off-shoot: Quantum Dot. The more budget-focused TV manufacturer has its eyes set on Samsung’s QD-OLED tech to power a range of new displays.

Sharp is planning to launch four new Quantum Dot TVs in Japan using Samsung’s labels. The company is the third manufacturer to adopt Samsung’s QD-OLED panels, although it may be the first to actually implement the technology.

Previously, TCL and Phillips both announced plans to use the display technology in new SmartTV sets. However, the two manufacturers have yet to announce or release actual TVs using Samsung’s OLED offshoot tech whereas Sharp already has plans.

In a press release, Sharp revealed that two of its upcoming Japanese TVs will be using Quantum Dot. The FS1 line will have two panels both using QD-OLED: a 55-inch model and a 65-inch model. However, they will also be matched by displays using LG’s WOLED technology: the FQ1 55-inch and 65-inch displays.

Both of these models are incredibly similar outside of the different panel technology. For example, they will both utilise the same software OS (GoogleTV), they’re both 4K, both HDMI 2.1, have VRR support, Wi-Fi 6, and they even feature the same frame and stand designs. Simply put: if you want QD, go FS1; if you want WOLED, go FQ1.

Sharp’s adoption of Samsung’s display tech comes after a number of worries surrounding the future of Quantum Dot. With LG’s WOLED technology proving vastly more popular, even Samsung is using WOLED on a number of its larger televisions.

Nevertheless, Quantum Dot technology is still a great display method, provided the included software doesn’t bring the quality of images down. It may not be the most popular display tech, but QD-OLED is still good.

Sharp’s new QD-OLED displays launch late August in Japan. There’s currently no news on whether the TVs will launch elsewhere in the world.

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