Samsung's LG OLED panel partnership extends to smaller displays

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Samsung's LG OLED panel partnership extends to smaller displays

The surprising partnership between Samsung and LG is bigger than many first assumed. After years of OLED rivalry, Samsung is using LG’s impressive WOLED technology on a number of its new displays.

We recently reported on Samsung’s adoption of LG WOLED panels with the introduction of the new Samsung 83S90C 83-inch OLED display. While the two companies have been at war with each other’s OLED panels, Samsung has seemingly given in.

The 83S90C 83-inch OLED is the first Samsung device to use LG’s WOLED tech, but it isn’t the first. Via FlatPanelsHD, there will also be a smaller version of the display that will also use the WOLED panel.

Samsung’s new display is currently dubbed the KQ77SC89A. As part of the S89C range, this will be a 77-inch OLED TV using Samsung’s TizenOS software suite. The unannounced television is reportedly being constructed in “Slovakia, Mexico, Vietnam, Hungary, China, and Korea”.

Alongside the use of WOLED technology, Samsung and LG’s partnership is also extending to LCD displays for cheaper displays.

“LG Display’s share of Samsung Electronics’ LCD panel volume is expected to increase to 17 percent from 7 percent,” claims a report from Business Korea.

Nevertheless, it seems that Samsung is still using its own Quantum Dot displays, aka QLED, for smaller sized panels in the S89C range. This means that larger TV models will have substantially improved colour reproduction and accuracy compared to models up to 55-inches.

There’s currently no announced release date for the Samsung 77-inch S89C WOLED television. However, the display is expected to become commercially available in the coming weeks.

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