Samsung TVs and soundbars will use advanced AI to deliver perfect sound

Samsung TVs and soundbars will use advanced AI to deliver perfect sound

Samsung TVs and soundbars will use advanced AI to deliver perfect sound

New Samsung TVs and soundbars will be utilising advanced artificial intelligence technology in order to deliver perfect sound for any experience.

Revealed in a recent press release, Samsung’s new AI focus essentially acts as an advanced dynamic equaliser that adjusts to match audio being sent out.

AI technology has been present in Samsung TVs and soundbars for the past decade, including dynamic picture and sound options in modern devices. However, the company is now going all-in on the technology to improve new devices.

Head of Samsung’s Sound Device Lab Sunmin Kim revealed that machine learning tech has been an integral part of the company’s audio engineers’ work for the past six years. Following on from the TV engineers’ decade-long work, the audio teams are exploring the technology’s benefits.

One of these benefits is present in the company’s new SpaceFit Sound feature. This feature uses information from built-in microphones to determine how far users are from their speakers, how much background noise there is and other factors. After determining all of these data points, the AI will manipulate the audio to blast out the perfect sound.

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“Traditionally, TVs use a set of dedicated sounds to check sound through the mic. SpaceFit Sound, on the other hand, utilizes real content to analyze viewing environments and modifies sound accordingly,” Kim explained. “The technology was designed not only for real scenarios but also real-time circumstances as the feature automatically and conveniently adjusts sound.”

This AI focus is also integral to the company’s Q-Symphony 3.0 feature. Previous versions of this feature simply combined Samsung TVs and soundbar outputs to deliver fuller sound, but now the technology can be used to create a more 3D soundscape using AI.

“Q-Symphony 3.0 takes sound to the next level by integrating the neural processor and AI-based real-time voice separation technology,” Samsung claims. “This advanced Q-Symphony feature provides three-dimensional sound by distinguishing and optimizing various audio elements including voices, background music and sound effects based on the type of content and users’ volume settings. The resulting sound is a perfect replication of the audio track the creators intended.”

Samsung’s AI focus may be worrying for some audiophiles that prefer to have perfect control over their sound systems. However, for the average user, the ability to delivery clear, full sound is paramount.

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