Samsung finally kills ads on its ridiculously expensive smartphones

There's nothing worse than spending money on a premium product only for it to bombard you with ads. It’s becoming commonplace nowadays; Pricey e-readers, SmartTVs and even smartphones can't help but wring extra pennies after the date of purchase. For Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung, that's all a thing of the past. Well, at least for smartphones.

Currently, Samsung pushes advertisements into its first-party applications. Those who use apps like Bixby, Samsung Pay, the built-in Health app and a variety of others all feature ads, even in $1000+ devices. Thankfully, that'll be changed very soon.

Samsung phasing out OneUI ads

Announced via Korean website Yonhap, the smartphone company “made a decision to cease the advertisement on proprietary apps.” The website specifically says that ads will be removed from “Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and... Theme[s]."

The update will release later this year, presumably before the release of its next smartphone launch. With Samsung continuing to release high-end smartphones priced well over $1000, this change is needed.

For example, the upcoming Galaxy Fold 3 costs £1,699 in the United Kingdom. Slapping ads on a device that expensive definitely feels like a step too far.

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What about other products

The Korean smartphone company doesn't just have an issue with ads on its smartphones. As far as SmartTVs go, Samsung TVs are notorious for bombastic users with advertisements. Even $2000 TVs from the company continue to include ads in multiple areas.

If the company really wants to be seen as a premium product, despite high price tags, its going to have to give up adverts everywhere. The annual TV market is nowhere near as high as that of smartphones, but it doesn’t deserve to be plagued with ads.

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