NERF brings the Aliens Pulse Rifle into our crap real world

The M-41A Pulse Rifle is a staple of sci-fi cinema. The 10-millimetre weapon with an over and under 30-millimetre pump-action grenade launcher is a close personal friend of sci-fi horror fans. After all, it’s a more reliable way of keeping Aliens at bay than a close-range shotgun. Praise be the Aliens Pulse Rifle!

We don't have real versions of the Aliens Pulse Rifle. Honestly, we don't really need them. However, it would be cool to own a fake lookalike that pelts your siblings and parents with foam darts. Okay, Nerf, you can come in now!

Nerf has an Aliens Pulse Rifle now

Yesterday, Hasbro announced that the iconic weapon from the Colonial Marines will indeed be available in a family-friendly toy line. The foam-dart weapon comes in at 28-inches and looks as screen accurate as a Nerf gun can look.

Outside of the Nerf paintjob and branding, the body of the gun looks very faithful. The replica also has a digital ammo counter and “movie-inspired” sounds to sell the dystopian future experience! What more could you want?

PSX nerf Aliens Pulse Rifle
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The gun takes 10-dart Nerf Elite magazines for its main barrel which, by the way, is fully automatic. Furthermore, the under-barrel grenade launcher fires oneat-a-time Nerf Mega Darts to really get back at your brother.

The Aliens Pulse Rifle will retail at a cheaper price than other licensed toys. In fact, the Nerf Rifle will launch at just $95.

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Other licensed Nerf guns

Over the past few years, Nerf has increased its library of licensed blasters. Last year, the toy company released an awesome Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse blaster, the longest ever toy the company has made.

Additionally, Nerf released a very popular replica of Reaper’s Shotguns from Overwatch. However, Overwatch is made my Blizzard, so if those guns were cool before they're shameful now.

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